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After making the changes on our Palo Alto the exceptions went away in the event viewer.

From what I understand they changed the way the traffic is being routed in the new version of Screen Connect which is why some firewalls are requiring some configuration changes.

It would be nice to have the configuration requirements on the Screen Connect site for each of these firewalls.  I know our administrator who called Palo Alto they had no idea what he was talking about at first.

Ok it ended up being with the Captive Portal settings on our Palo Alto.

Not sure if the SonicWall has the same options but start there.  ScreenConnect support told me that after the 19 upgrade of their client some firewalls were like Palo were having issue so I suspect it could affect other types of firewalls.

Do you guys use Palo Alto for your firewall?  We think we might of identified that as the problem on our end but are still researching.

I'm looking for the same features!