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Looks like the audit query is basically fixed.  We are running version 6.9.21415.6956.  I just did a query the other day and I was able to enter a time range for the the audit query that matched the times listed in the host timeline in the Access panel (which are both in 24 hour format).  However, the audit query reported back the same times as the timeline of the host except in a 12 hour format. I can convert 24 hour to 12 hour or vice versa, so I'll take this as a resolution even if it did take them a couple of years.

It's much better than it was because I could never remember if it was off by 5 or 6 hours for us in the EST zone and had to guess what time to enter for a query to get the data I wanted.

Audit times need to be recorded as the host local time zone!!!!  I shouldn't have to figure it out myself.