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We're running 6.9 latest stable on win2016 with same issues.  Having to restart server every day or so to resolve.

Great suggestion!  Remote tech was able to resolve. Thank you.

This is also happening to us. Currently on the latest stable release--been happening since we upgraded to 6.9.

Sorry to see the Connectwise never resolved this.  Finally had to migrate to a Windows server and have no complaints now.

Ben, do you have any updates on how or when this issue will be resolved?  Thank you.

According to this thread, it appears that Connectwise is addressing this as a bug and is addressing it with their developers.

We are having the same issues with chrome 65 (running Control 6.5.16479.6613 on ubuntu 16.04).  Hoping for a connectwise fix soon....

We were also working in chrome 64, now we're broken again in chrome 65.

We are running Control 6.5.16479.6613 on ubuntu 16.04.