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I am suffering exactly the same issue. Tried all the solutions above without a result.

One thing I notice none of the 6 machines I am having the issues with install the client showing the system name as required by the client installer options, could this be the reason for the problem. Why would the installer not show the client system name just the organisation name etc.

They are on a network behind a Office block WAN router and then another router for the internal Office LAN, could this also be a factor?



Hi Ben

I found what was causing my problem. I had messed with the base.css file to try and change the background colours on the guest page, as soon as I restored the original everything was as it should be thank you for your assistance tho it was much appreciated.

Hello Ben,

Thank you for your email. When I start a session the following window remains on the web console shown below, which is normal behavior I think. However, I cannot select the X in the window to close it I have to close the complete web page behind. This is the same for any window that pops up and requires me to close using the X it does not respond when I click it

Just notice guest client is also having this issue when visiting my web portal they also get the mouse pointer not responding to closing the pop up window