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That's fair. Software installed by: <company name>

That is normally how things would be done. However, we cannot revoke administrative access from clients that own their infrastructure. If we did that, we WOULD be using best practices but we also may not keep our clients. For most clients, limited access is transparent but for most users but for some, admin access is necessary. Furthermore, privileged operating system access for a user should not impede our ability to support that user. Usually, the user is unaware that the software was installed by us in order to support them (despite the onboarding package they receive) and they are under the impression that it is some frivolous program installed by one of those commonly used programs that installs junk along with it (not pointing any fingers) and they remove SC from their computer. When this happens, it is a big waste of time for us to fix it through LabTech. My compromise on this would be as follows; if the user tries to uninstall through the control panel, require a password but also having a command line utility that allows uninstall without a password.