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error to write to the pipe 222 this error now on 20.8.29574.7520 

it's really frustrating i click to change guest and this error appears on Self hosted and technician computer connect to hosted  is not the same error before and same error on multi computer connecting on technician on host


The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.


is on navigate on main menu host (guest cient) example ( groupe lalonde) i click i have this error i reclick i work after or i have error again no all the time on 100 click 10 time error! on next error i print screen for you excuse me my language is french

20.4.27889.7409 Problem fix in this version thank you

i find i after login on host no ghest  this is ok after ~ 5 min.before this time gray out? or if a restart the service? 

same problem tiny open guest resize always time after time

please fix!

is no stable version another bug 19.6.26378.7317 on login on guest screen windows 10 freeze no refresh i disconnect and reconnect and refresh after no very fun! 

and the mini windows tiny in start guest is very no fun!

please fix it!

no bug return after elapse time the bug return i connect to guest and mini tiny windows appeards and no fun to working!