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Caitlin, are you able to provide any details on the plan to now bring the Linux version back in line with the Windows version? As it's currently stopping us from being able to migrate to Cloud even if we wanted to.

I too am still having issues with it randomly stopping responding on 20.2.29488.7519. Decided to look into migrating to Cloud. Turns out this isn't straightforward, as you can only migrate if the on-prem version matches the latest Cloud version, but you literally cannot get the latest Linux on-prem version, as it doesn't exist! Support has told me that to migrate to the Cloud, I need to first migrate to Windows and then migrate to the Cloud! Ha! I'd rather migrate elsewhere than faff about setting up a Windows server just to use for 5 mins.

I've not commented on this thread before, but have been following it closely as I too experience issues daily and need to reboot the host regularly. This is getting ridiculous and I've had to start looking for alternatives.

I really don't understand why they can't just re-release a working version with a newer version number.

No, I’m not. Since hitting the issue of not being able to store the user data outside of the container, I didn’t try it again. Now running it on a Linode VPS.

This is the toolbar I'm referring to, shown in 20.1:

Thanks, just upgraded to the latest version and had this issue (surprised it's not fixed in the installer yet). Fortunately found this post and this did indeed fix it for me.

Hi Caitlin, 

Thanks. Yes, sorry, I think that's what I meant, "server", not "host". I currently use the ScreenConnect Mac installer to run the ScreenConnect server on my iMac running macOS 10.14, which I believe won't be possible from October, and would love to run it from my Synology NAS instead, either via Docker or natively.


Would it be possible to have an update on whether this is likely to be in place by October, when Mac host support is being discontinued?

As if it's not, those currently using the Mac host could do with knowing now so that we can look into alternatives. Thanks. 

It's already live. See above comment and take a look in the App Store.

Now that "Control" is dropping support for macOS next year, it would be great if you could provide Synology (or Docker) support to give those currently using Macs a viable alternative.