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It's not something I use frequently and I'll inform the client that I'm enabling that function so that unware staff don't try and use the computer I'm running maintenance on. 

Luckily I've been cautious with my use of it so I haven't had anyone just shut down the computer like that. 

There is already a timeout function on sessions if you leave them unattended for too long. 

I feel like this conversation is still moot because as the SC user you can just disable end-user inputs which would prevent them from ending the session anyway lol. Admittedly I don't like function however if I'm in the middle of a delicate update and  I don't want the end-user just exiting out of what I'm working on I'll enable the disable inputs function. 

My company has set organization filters and we have enforced a proper naming scheme so we have no issues finding computers on either Access or Support. Connect Wise offers quite a bit for the low cost they charge. 

As for the customization, there are some you can set, colors, logo, etc. The URL really isn't a bother since we set up our own reroute URL under our domain. 

This is exactly why I don't want this function just flat enabled. It's an extremely slippery slope and the primary reason we left GoToAssist is because end users constantly just kicked us out.

I have quite a few computers running on Support that I use the sessions for unattended access. The only difference is that the end-user can end the session if they chose. 

Why not just not use access? and instead, just use the support function? 

JBody, You can click on the X next to a users active session and end their connection. 

Ideally it would be best for the Admin to be able to turn this feature on or off. The guests ability to not end a session is part of the reason we moved to SC. Previously when we were with GoToAssist the guest could kick us out at any time and they would even when we were running maintenance on the computer.  People have a tendency to believe what they are doing is far more important that what we are doing so they kick the technicians out of the session. So having them not able to end the session is helpful for what we are doing.