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I haven't been able to pin down when that banner with no name shows up.  I just took the banner away a couple days ago so people quit accidentally doing it.

My guess is that it is showing up when we get reconnected.  We have been having some intermittent internet issues in the office, so the Guests have been disconnecting for 10 seconds or so a couple of times/day.  My guess is that when they reconnect, that banner is showing up.   

I can allow the banner on my computer and see if I can replicate that.

I have run into this as well and I was able to duplicate it.  Occasionally, the banner at the top appears, but does not have their name listed.  If you click the gear where you can normally hide/open, there is an Exit option.  If you click that exit, it will uninstall the service.  I checked with the 2 most recent people that have had the disappearing service issue and they both clicked that exit.

The exit option shouldn't even be there as this is an Access session so that appears to be the bug.  I am on Cloud 20.2.27450.7387 and have run across this issue on 3 different cloud servers that I admin.

For those seeing the same issue, I did find that if I uninstall the client completely and reinstall it that they seem to work fine.  I just added it to my script that I push out with and those 10 computers all came online.

I am getting the same thing on random Win 10 workstations and we use Sophos.  I just pushed it out to 150 of the exact same computers with the same GPOs applied and maybe 10 of them came up with this error.

We are on 19.1.24050.7079

The #1 use case for me is AccessLockonDisconnect.  We use that on servers and turn it off for workstations.  I have my servers and workstations in separate session groups and it is a pain when I go to update or install Access as I have to change the app.config depending on which it is.