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I know it's not ideal, but in case anyone wants a quick config for nginx, here's one to work around this issue.  Thought it might save someone a few minutes of fiddling.  My screenconnect web server is listening on 444 (non-ssl), but keep the addressable URI as https (443).  I feel like the application is more responsive this way and may keep it even if they fix mono.


    upstream backends{
    }     server {
        listen       A.B.C.D:443 ssl; #IP of my linux server
        ssl_certificate   /path/to/cert.cer;
        ssl_certificate_key   /path/to/private/key.key;         location / {
          proxy_pass http://backends;
          proxy_set_header Host $http_host; # so ScreenCOnnect passes the Browser URL self test
          proxy_pass_header Server; # so ScreenConnect passes the External Accessibility self test
        }     }

ScreenConnect Web.config

<add key="WebServerListenUri" value="http://A.B.C.D:444/">
<add key="WebServerAddressableUri" value="">

IPTABLES (My machine is a virtual container in the cloud, so I have to implement my own firewall to block the SC listening port 444 from everyone but the local machine)

ACCEPT     tcp  --              tcp dpt:444
ACCEPT     tcp  --  A.B.C.D            tcp dpt:444
DROP       tcp  --              tcp dpt:444

You've stated the issue much better than I did.  I initially submitted this as a bug but it got moved.

I would also like to see this feature.  Specifically, I'd like to see if anyone has ever run into "waiting for free license" and the ability to be alerted when the maximum number of licenses are in use.