Your comments

- Assuming we have an MDM solution, is there a way to pre-populate the address of the server?

- Does the user have to 1) Launch the app, 2) type the address, 3) type the code, and then 4) use the settings to broadcast their screen, or is there a shorter series of steps we could follow or implement to initiate a connection?

- Is there any way or are there any plans to make this similar to an Access client as opposed to a Support Session?

- Does this work in the free version? (I'm asking as I do testing there)



I think the "period of time" fix would address the issue, though in a roundabout way. While we don't use chat, I have a group setup like Silas below. It just shows machines with the notification dot. Clicking on the chat dialog marks the chat as "Acknowledged", then immediately makes the machine disappear from the group.