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Please get this done, dont make on-prem customers second class citizens. I'm willing to pay for the extensions, your losing money by not making it available. 

This userecho is a joke. I have had several requests site idle for years, then abruptly closed with no comment or feedback of any kind from connectwise.....this particular chain completely ignored even after 77+ thumbs ups. We know your not gonna change the name back, but at least give us the respect of a official response.  Great way to show your userbase our input matters Connectwise. 

When i directed a guest to our screenconnect website on their S7, they entered the code and then were prompted to install screenconnect for samsung from the play store, instead of the new connectwise control app. The screenconnect for samsung app could connect then immedatilly disconnect. Directed my user to uninstall the screenconnect for samsung app and manully search the play store for the Control app. After she installed that we worked fine. 

yes that sounds the same. only thing I think I would add is the ability to clear stored creds from session details. 

47 +1's over 5 months and Connectwise can't even give us the respect of an official response. I've been a loyal screen connect user for years and sometimes its nice to know as users our opinions at the very least haven't fallen of deaf ears.

Currently in the market for a ITSM system for my MSP company. Connectwise and Managed Engine are on the short list. But its threads like this that help drive decisions.

the client I'm referring to is what the agent uses to launch a session for support, meetings, etc. Not the guest side. From a quick skim the article you provided it is about access sessions and automatically upgrading those.

I thought ScreenConnect was a great name. It's as logical as the name gotomeeting. All the time I say to customers, let me do a screenconnect with you. Even if they never heard of the product they understand the concept. I get Connectwise wants their name in the product and having the word Connect twice is kinda odd. but Control is a terrible name.

SC had a pretty steep price increase about a year ago when they made a big push from self hosted to hosted. Personally I think it was a mistake since they had such a niche product that filled the void for small shops who didnt want to fork over insane amounts to the citrixs, bomgars, or teamviewers of the world and just wanted to pay for software development and not hosting. I would think alot of potential potential small shop customers who would have purchased on the old model thought differently after the change.2 years ago, A small shop like your size, could have bought the software with 1 active session (unlimited agents, unlimited access clients), install it on a old PC and run it over your own internet connection and it would have cost you about $325 up front and about $65 every year after if you wanted updates and support. It was fantastic for a small shop, nothing compared.


I mentioned to issue to one of your support techs Steve Dove, he recommended I edit guest.aspx and replace the following:

if (wasMadeVisible)
SC.ui.findDescendentByTag(container, 'INPUT').focus();


if (wasMadeVisible &&"Theme=Embedded") < 0)
SC.ui.findDescendentByTag(container, 'INPUT').focus();

I haven't had a free moment to try it yet but I suspect that it will work. It would be nice if this was a toggle-able option though, maybe something found in the appearances tab.