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Not sure how adding a comment to a request 2 years in the making is going to make much difference, but this would certainly be a regular feature for me. Collecting log files from a guest PC without the need for taking control of their machine sounds like pretty core functionality for me. I know I had it in LogMeIn 3 or 4 years ago, even with a nice file manager interface. Heck, I'd be happy with something command line - navigate to a folder and pull a file.

"Premium" extension sounds like paying for core features, so it will get short shrift from me if it does manifest itself in this way.

With Windows 10 1709 FCU, the Controlled Folder Access feature locks down the Documents folder even further making this a bit of a train wreck. We need to be able to root the Toolbox temp folder under %userprofile% 

With the feature turned on, when the .exe file is copied to the Documents folder that is fine, but if that tool creates an ini file then CFA prevents it from doing so and thus affects function. The only way around this is to let the tool fail, then go into the CFA settings and allow it. Doing this multiple times a session is a PITA !