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Are there seriously not more requests for this?

Just a while ago I had yet another moment where the banner was in the wrong place.

Often customer/client has a few tabs up as discussed and when customer needs to show you something, they can't as the stupid border is right there and you have to move it every single time.

Can we please get an option to f* *ff the border somewhere else (excuse my language).

Like almost any place is better than top middle. Put it to the center of far right or center at far bottom or the best as an selectable option.

The latest transparency "fix" does absolutely nothing positive in this regard. It doesn't change the fact that there still is something blocking the view & input.

Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please fix this

Hey Caitlin,

Yeah i'm aware you can hide it or disable it permanently but then client doesn't always know if you are controlling the PC or not if you are waiting for some process as example other than the missing wallpaper. 

Also from experience, not everyone notices the banner at the top when there are other things in the background while at the bottom it could be made more appealing visually.

And sure for those scenarios when client don't notice that their PC is being controlled, you could set so that client keyboard & mouse is disabled for client upon connect but then you have to revert setting every time when you need the client to show you something.

This also got me curious as to why this hasn't been brought up before since most of my client's often have several tabs open at once in their browser and I often have to move the connection banner to be able to navigate or see w/e tab is below.

Like in the grand scheme of things this isn't a big problem but a tweak to alleviate some minor potential annoyance and while Teamviewer has their banner at the bottom-right, it's also in the way from scrolling unless you hide it. 

Either way bottom middle seems (to me atleast) be a perfect place since you very rarely have anything to press in that area.

Might have overlooked this (and sorry if I have)

Im trying to use Linux more and more but the requirement of java really turns me down. I have no other application requiring java and would hope to keep it that way :)

Im well aware of all the different distros available to support but if you could keep up an updated linux client for debian, then you would cover the ubuntu family which (I think) most could adopt to by either getting one extra PC, VM, Raspberry or w/e they prefer

Two possible solutions would be to have a packaged .deb for client installations (by client I mean the app you need to remotely connect to other screenconnect sessions) or do it kinda universal like vmware does with their .bundle package which includes all needed dependencies.