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I work on a 13" MacBook Pro primarily and the menu bar is a bit excessive. I would like to see some of the menu items combined to make less menu names across the menu bar so I can access my Password manager or other items that run in the menu bar. You can see from the screen shot that there is basically no room for any icons.

In the Finder app the menu bar is shorter and I can see the menu bar icons I need.

This makes me switch from ScreenConnect Client to another app so I can get to my icons and back. Using the keyboard shortcut CMD-Tab also triggers the start menu on remote windows clients. Perhaps you could also not send the CMD to the remote client when used with another combination like CMD-Tab.


Use Custom Property 1, 2 etc. LabTech already has this setting.

Dashboard > Config > Integration > ScreenConnect Dashboard

Additional Settings

Customer property for client name

You can have it assign them initially by clicking the "Assign Client Name to Sessions" button.

What I would also like to see is assign Location to Custom Property 2 which is how I use the system.


I would like to see an option for fallback addresses similar to how LabTech does it.|backup| etc. You can add additional names/ip addresses in order you would prefer it to check in.

TeamViewer has a simple mobile app that can send basic device information along with chat and prompt the user to take a screen shot using Sleep/Wake and Home buttons. It then uploads the last photo so the remote tech can see the screenshot. This goes a long way to help support an iOS user and would be very valuable.