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I've also seen now how the Mac Keyboard system preference workaround (where I manually set a preference to use Option-Command-Q as the Quit option for the ScreenConnect Client app...this breaks whenever the client is updated.  

So as I moved to version 6.5 and now version 6.6, the Mac sees this as a new app and no longer uses the shortcut anymore until I reset the preference.

I've noticed other apps, for example the Parallels Client I use for RDP as well as their app server connections, has Command-Q set as the default for Quit in the menu but when you are in an open session with another host controlling another machine, Command-Q doesn't quit the app...the command is instead passed on to the remote computer correctly.  So this functions as you would expect when using a remote session, regardless of what the menu says.

I end up using a bunch of different computers to connect with the Mac ConnectWise Client.  While I've got my keyboard mapped on my main laptop, still having the default not be Command-Q would be fantastic as it eliminates this Quit issue on other machines I use.  This feature would be a huge help...muscle memory is stronger than you'd believe, especially as other shortcuts do seem to work well.