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This issue seems to be happening in the current 20.7 version as well. Joining directly to backstage still pops up the toaster banner to the console session.

From what I can tell, it is sorted by order of user creation in Control. I agree this is very hard to deal with when you have many users, and the ability to change how it is sorted would be great! Please add the ability to sort by Name at the least.

Any luck with this? Seems like an easy thing to implement, as it is just informational using already available info. Would appreciate it. Just need a field in the Security tab next to each user that shows a Last Logged In date.


I apologize about the delay, but I finally got time to look over this. This would work, but there would be no way to audit it without checking every computer for their custom tag. I still feel my original request would be a much simpler implementation. Either Create another level of Subgroup to put client based subgroups under, or add a way to set a hide flag for ones that aren't commonly used. Being in their own subgroup makes it easy to add/remove in a self contained area, without editing individual machines, so if it is no longer needed, there is no need to go through a headache to clean it up. Think of a client who wants a person to have access to all machines in the office except their servers. You'd have to assign them to every machine. Instead, you can just do All labelled XYZ except A B or C. Much easier to maintain, setup and control.

Sounds good, thanks. I will test this out when I can. Appreciate the explanation!

Will the user, when they log into their SC account, see everything in My Machines, or will they just see the ones that show their username? Also, will this prevent us from seeing these machines since we login with accounts other then their username?

I just looked over this. I like the idea, but how do I tie the security groups in then? They are set to only see their own machines.

Hopefully she reads the responses and reopens, but as of right now, she Closed it as Declined, so not being added...

Rather then closing it, why not ask what I mean? I don't understand your suggestion either. You're suggestion would suggest I wanted it for a single user. As stated in my original request, I have 10's of individual users who all require access to their own machines from our various clients. Your suggestion doesn't solve the concern I brought up. Please give us time to reply before closing these things.

The problem with this suggestion is it doesn't take into consideration security groups. I need them in their own Group so I can tie it to an individual Security Group/User credential. If I added everyone to My Machines group, there would be no way to give individual logins for individual machines.