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Is it possible to also make the MAC address searchable on the Access page?

Yes, this would be an awesome feature. Also, like Xander said, it would be great if it ran the next time the machine is on if the machine misses the scheduled time.

Maybe this is a different request all together, but is it possible to have something scheduled and have it log into the machine as a specific user? For example, I needed to run this script to install this program, but the script requires that someone be logged into the computer. I ended up logging into a dozen or so computers myself just for this to run, but it would save me a ton of time if it could just login itself to run the script.

It would be nice if there was a Forgot Password option. +1

When I said 'halting' I meant that I wouldn't want a pause between the time you hit the 'X' to the time it prompts and you acknowledge it. I would like to keep it a clean exit with no prompts. I can also see someone accidentally hitting to lock the computer when they're working with a user and it leaves the user wondering what's going on. I'm all for placing the lock option in the menu at the top instead of having to go to the Windows Start menu> press the arrow for more options and selecting lock.

I'm not sure how I feel about it halting a session you're trying to disconnect with a prompt. Maybe add the locking option in one of the drop-down menus?