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A touchpad on a portable is also not blocked.

Just confirmed this on a  Acer Nitro 5 (Windows 10) AN515-51

After logging on, and switching caps off with the OSK, it is also off in the logon screen.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to activate this OSK on Server 2012 when not logged on.

But since i know what the problem is, i can type the pasword (with some extra mistakes... :-)  and do my work...

1) Host machine:  

Windows 10 Professional, Build 16199 (prerelease)

Language: Dutch

Keyboard: Belgian Azerty with Period (dot) as decimal separator

2) Guest Machine:

Windows 2012 R2 Standard

Language: English

Keyboard: Belgian Azerty with Period (dot) as decimal separator

3) The number keys (not numeric keyboard) are shifted. (reverse from what you should expect)


number 8 -> normal working:  press shift and 8-key  -  now i do not need to shift this key

exclamation (!) -> just press 8-key -> now i do have to shift and press the 8-key.

When i send ctlr-alt-delete to the remote machine, there is a message on screen "Caps lock is on"

(This is an unattended server, but someone must have pressed the caps-lock on the local keyboard)

I can just type the normal letters (lowercase, without changing anything on my side) (wich is good)

but the number-keys are working shifted.

For the numer 8: i don't need to shift, and for the exclamation, i now need to shift.

As soon as i'm logged on, everything works as expected.  The number keys are now correct.