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Hi Kristen, i had time to work with the feature this weekend.

I also saw people passing parameters in cmd line or in the exe with the session name / port and stuff like that
Where can i get informations on how to add these parameters in the exe ? or with a cmd line ?

The option you guys have called URLLAUNCH is passing all the options needed and i would like to know how to do that directly from a cmd line with the exe already on the computer

Is there a way to do that ?

Thanks for your time.

Ohh ! I will give this a try

Thanks alot

I Will love you if it works :)


I understand that, but the only thing that is currently blocking most of the remote users is that screen connect is creating a Windows Service, do you know if that is possible to do the exact same thing without the need of a service ?

The software could run when the user click on it and then when he reboots i would not be able to access it until the user click on that same EXE again

This way we would be able to send exes to customers and they would be able to keep it and only click on the exe ( no need to create a Service because it would be running as the current user ) and i would be able to connect

Would that be possible ?