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I have heard that restarting the service fixes it, for the time being if you are in a pinch and need to run from the toolbox. luckily I have everything we store in the toolbox on my local machine as well with matching folder structure so if I am stuck I cancel and "send file" instead. Still, annoying and it breaks the workflow in a high volume environment

we use the toolbox daily, over 1600 endpoints with control installed

its hit/miss on what wkstns the toolbox items will or wont work on

please fix this!


We don't use Automate, only Control. We are strictly web

i'm hesitant to say but i have a hunch it started happening in 16.9 and every revision since. ive brought it up before

been having this issue for months. still present in  19.2.24707.7131

I would also love this to be implemented. I take a massive amount of screenshots for errors, serial numbers, proof of activation, etc. My captures folder has thousands of items, most of which I would like to keep for referencing later (and often do!)

Yes this would be a great feature for terminal servers!

WOW! This is great! FINALLY! Thank you for the update Kristen