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This is #1 on my top 10 list of things we need from this product.  ARG!

YES PLEASE!  I take a lot of calls from clients we have connected because they forgot their password.  It would also be nice if we also had an option to unlock someone if there were to many failed attempts at login. 

So yes PLEASE add a feature to recover password via e-mail.

Good news! We wait with baited breath. Thank you

Thank you Kirsten. I confirmed with sales that ad-hoc can't be bundled with the "Access" or called "Remote Access" service we are signed up for. It will only work for the other services you have available. Unfortunatly, those plans don't work for us. What I am hoping for is the ability to add ad-hoc to the "Access" service as an additional module.

Thank you Kirsten. I figured that out a few days ago and have been meaning to update this comment. I was also able to repeat the 2 factor code in the body of the message so this is useful for some situations where copying content from the subject line is not as easy. It works awesome! Thank you

Hi Kirsten, if when you say "Support sessions" you mean "Ad hoc", then I would say yes. From what I understand, the two are considered different services and can't be bundled unless you run the self-hosted model. We are simply signed up for "ACCESS-1510 - 25" as we are in the testing phase but we are ready to move forward with our implementation to replace our existing remote support solution.