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Yes, it's working now. I did this change before updating to the new version just to make sure my old version would still work. I only had to change the web.config. No changes were necessary on nginx.conf besides "sudo systemctl reload nginx". As soon as I reload nginx my old version was working like before. I went ahead and did the update to v.19.5.26194.7292 and had no problem loading my web portal.

This latest stable release ScreenConnect_19.5.26194.7292 still didn't fix the problem.

Yes. Please. Let's Encrypt!. It's long overdue this feature.

Upon checking the download link today

I noticed the Linux version 19.5.26030.7282 was removed from the download link. Finally, the developers realized that this so-called "stable" release wasn't stable at all. Let's hope the next version will fix this for all.

Server details:

Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS in Digital Ocean VPS

Latest packages installed of everything stock 

No changes in web.config and nginx.conf

Nginx reverse proxy

I took a snapshot before upgrading to this "stable" v19.5.25995.7276 and I got the Unhandled Exception error.

Today I saw this below after checking for the latest stable version and decided to give it another try and the same problem. I had to restore my snapshot again.

I've been facing this issue since I upgraded to the latest so called stable version.

I did manually probably after version 5.

I moved the the app.config file out of the App_ClientConfig directory and resubmit the reinstall command to the Linux endpoints but the upgrade still didn't work.

Here's my app.config file: