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Here's the best workaround I can find; customization...

"Change the application title" -

  1. Go to the Appearance page.
  2. In the "Client Resources" table, edit the ApplicationTitle string
  3. Add your new title and save your changes

This issue and several other requests on this forum are related to the issue of LabTech using a single shared user account. Could resolve several by integrating LabTech logins the same as Active Directory logins (ideally letting SC user permissions be set by LabTech user permissions)

Also need a breakdown of what permissions are set on the host user side, and what permissions are set on the agent/device side

We would really like to see this - and YES - as a pop-up on the host session when exiting! It NEEDS to be intrusive. Since you haven't implemented the ability for separate app.config by groups / machine types, I can't set the policy to auto-lock on disconnect because we do NOT want this to happen for workstations; but I NEED it to be persistent and urge the tech to lock servers on disconnect.

I'm having a hard time understanding why you would purchase an amazing remote assistant tool, which already has very positive brand equity - and then rebrand it... WTF ConnectWise, just add your name to the front of it like a normal person and continue to enhance/integrate the product.