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Agree, this feature is required, distributed relays to reduce round trip latency - as a result improving overall performance for all regions. 

The primary challenge with the current architecture is single server deployment (deployed to a single region) results in round trip latency of up to 300ms for some regions and a very poor user experience. 

In addition, database server redundancy is desirable.

Is this feature available now? how can we be notified when new agents are deployed to a session folder?

This feature would add a lot of benefit and value for all users. currently, assets can be added with relatively no information, this is a cybersecurity risk, as no accountability, or responsible person in case of incident management. having mandatory fields for asset owners, site names etc (based on custom properties/fields) would be great.

please add this feature.

Kirsten. I raised a support ticket for upgrade to 6.1 however it is not yet available and no release date was provided. can you please advise the expected ETA for 6.1?

Kirsten, thanks fantastic!! how do we upgrade our cloud version to 6.1? currently running 6.0.11622.6115