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Thanks for your report, we will get that registered, but this filter should yield the results you are looking for:

GuestClientVersion <> $SERVERVERSION AND GuestClientVersion <> ''

Some changes were made in the logic around sorting the build numbers and that has caused an issue on how they are displayed.

Our marketing team is working on this issue, and hopefully will have it resolved soon.

Hi All,

We will be closing sign-ups for the beta at the end of the day tomorrow (07/29/2020).

If you'd like to participate you’ll need to sign up here. Please note that this is closed testing, available only to those that sign up.




Thanks for the question. We are going to be creating a private forum to discuss the beta build and any issues that arise.
This is a closed beta, so we will need to have anyone participating agree to the ConnectWise Master agreement.



Chris, We'll have details on that for partners who sign up for testing.

Hi Forrest, 

We actually have an extension that can be used as you describe:

The user will have to enter their name and email address, but we are registering a change request to make the email field optional.