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andrew.powers 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Similar to the report on the forums "5.2.8609.5546 remote printers dont remove them selfs after sessions endeded". If the guest machine is shutdown before the host closes the session, and the host closes the session, remote printers will still show up on the guest machine once it has booted again. Reconnecting the to the guest and then disconnecting from the same host will not remove them. They have to manually be removed on the guest. We have only tested this with access sessions on two different Windows 7 guests from an Windows 10 host.

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Waiting for information

Good afternoon,

I was unable to reproduce this behavior in the following environment:

Server: Windows 2k8 on 6.1.12292

Host: Windows 10 using 6.1.12292 client

Guest: Windows 7 using 6.1.12292 client (logged in as admin user)


1) Connect to Windows 7 guest via access session and confirm that host's printers map correctly

2) Shut down Windows 7 guest via access session

3) After the guest disconnects from the access session, disconnect host

4) Boot Windows 7 machine and log in as same user

5) The host's printers were no longer installed on the guest machine

Would you mind providing additional information about the logged in users on the host and guest sides when this behavior occurs; namely, are either of the users admins? Also, are all of the host's printers removed from the guest's machine if the host disconnects from the session while the guest is still connected? Lastly, can you confirm that both the host and guest client version is 6.1.12292?




I believe I had the host/guest mixed up. But the host (remote, end user) machine had an admin account logged on, off domain. The guest (local, technician) machine has an admin account logged in, and is on a domain. Client version 6.1.12292.6236 on both machines. The end user is shutting down the machine while the technician is still connected, then the technician closes the session. When the user boots back up the technicians printers still show in their printers with technician@company.com.