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Keyboard not working in linux (Partial Workaround)

Seth 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 1

When connecting to a linux client, the keyboard on the host doesn't work on the client until you hide the "Your screen being controlled by YourNameHere" window. Clicking in text boxes doesn't work. It seems like the little status box grabs all keyboard input.

Hiding the status box seems to fix the issue in all cases once I discovered the workaround, but then the client no longer has a way to kick you off, or see when they are no longer connected.

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Good afternoon,

I wasn't able to reproduce this on 6.1.12292 in the following environment:

Server: Win2k8 on 6.1.12292

Host: Win 7 Pro on 6.1.12292

Guest: Ubuntu 15.10 on 6.1.12292

After connecting to the Linux guest and while the under control banner was visible, I was able to interact with gedit, terminal, etc without issue.

Can you confirm that your host and guest clients are both using version 6.1.12292? Also, on what distros of Linux have you observed this behavior? What version of Java is installed on the guest machine?

We previously registered an issue with 6.1 where the under control banner was visible on the Linux guest's login screen, which prevented the host from entering credentials until the under control banner was hidden. This issue has been fixed and should be included in the 6.2 release. That being said, the behavior you describe is similar, but different, from the previously registered issue, so any additional information you can provide would be helpful.