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Linux repeating/runaway keyboard

Call the Ninja 5 years ago updated by millenniumtree 2 years ago 3

To reproduce:
Install the support or unattended access client on an Ubuntu machine version 14.0-16.0 using ScreenConnect server version 6.0.11622.6115. (and below, haven't tested later, but this bug has been a problem for us for about 3-4 years so I don't imagine it got fixed). Connect from another Linux machine.

Symptoms: Keyed typed repeat, for example typing "sudo thunar" would result in:

ssssuuuuuuudo thunnnnnaaaaaaar

This happens in every application and window. It basically makes ScreenConnect useless when connecting to Ubuntu Linux desktops. Please fix.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

Also this bug was reported three years ago in the ScreenConnect support forums by a different user http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postst3093_Run-away-keys-on-Linux-Guest---v4-1-5901-5122.aspx

Waiting for information

Good afternoon,

I tested for the behavior described in the thread description in the following environment:

Server: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on 6.2.12684

Host: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on 6.2.12684 with Java 8u121

Guest: Ubuntu 15.10 on 6.2.12684 with Java 7u101

I was unable to reproduce the repeating keystrokes behavior in the aforementioned environment when typing into the terminal, gedit, and Firefox.

What version of Java is installed on the host and guest machines that exhibit this behavior?




This happens on any connection that is slow.  The slower the connection, the worse the problem.

The issue must be that the remote client receives key up/down requests individually, so the key 'up' requests, if they are significantly delayed, cause the remote host to think the key is being held down.

Even turning the remote host's key repeat delay and rate way down doesn't always fix the issue on very slow machines.

We've seen it dozens of times, and the faster the connection, the less it happens.

One way to fix this in a linux terminal is to run this:

setterm -repeat off

Put that in your bashrc if needed, and it turns off key repeat entirely.

That won't help with windows, or username/password entry, but it makes the Linux terminal or in a VirtualBox usable.