Stuck Windows or Command key in session after having locked/unlocked the Host machine

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We've had this issue for quite awhile, and it has spanned from v5.6 to v6.1. It doesn't matter if the Host machine is running Windows 10 or Windows 7. The issue is if the Windows Host machine is locked and unlocked while connected to a guest machine, then when you try to type on the guest machine it will act as though you are holding down the Windows key. The only way to "fix" the problem is to tap the Host's Windows key to release it.

I just found out today that this also happens if the guest machine is a Mac. If you go through the same procedure of locking and unlocking the Windows Host machine, then the Mac guest machine will act as though the Command key is stuck.

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Good morning,

We have previously registered an issue where if the Windows key is pressed while the client window has focus and depressed shortly after the client window loses focus, when the host returns to the client, all keystrokes act as if the Windows key is depressed (which would translate as the Command key when connected to a Mac guest). This issue is still under investigation, and I have added a link to this thread to the issue.

Can you confirm that this behavior occurs when you lock the host machine using the Win+L keyboard shortcut? If you lock the machine by selecting Start -> Lock while connected to a session, do you still observe this behavior?



Correct, the problem starts when pressing Win+L to lock the host machine. If I use the Start> Lock method I don't have the problem.


Good morning,

Thank you for confirming that the behavior occurs when you lock the host machine using the Win+L keyboard shortcut. While I'm unable to offer an ETA for a fix at this time, I added your comments to the existing issue in our internal bug tracker, and the anomalous behavior is currently under investigation by development.



Hello Ben, 

What version is this fixed in? We upgraded to 6.4.15083.6507 and are still having the same problems. 

Good morning Cooper,

The issue where the Windows key (and other modifier keys) gets "stuck" if the host client window loses focus while the Windows/command key is depressed was fixed in the 6.3 release of Control.

If you're still experiencing an issue, would you mind updating this thread with steps to reproduce? It would be helpful too if you provided the host/guest OS.



Steps to reproduce the problem: Connect to another machine using ScreenConnect/Control, Lock the Host computer, unlock the Host computer, now the Guest computer acts like the Windows key is engaged.

Host OS: Version 1703, OS Build 15063.674

Guest OS: Version 1607 OS Build 14393.1770  And Windows 7 Enterprise 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

I'm still unable to replicate the behavior by locking/unlocking the Windows host machine while the host is connected to a Windows guest. When I unlock the Windows host, I am able to type as usual into the guest (this is using the 6.4.15361 server/host/guest).

At this point, I recommend upgrading your server to the latest stable version of 6.4 (6.4.15361) and double checking that your host and guest clients are all on version 6.4.15361. If the behavior persists after ensuring that server/host/guest are all on 6.4.15361, please submit a support request for additional assistance:




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