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Acquire wake lock does not work on Macs

Shri Chaudhary 5 years ago updated by tim beasley 3 years ago 2

Have been trying this on a couple of Mac guest computers. We set up Access clients on those. However, they tend to go to sleep and then we cannot access them. THe Acquire Wake Lock does not seem to work. is there a better way or can that work for Macs more reliably?

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Good morning,

We would expect that if a host connected to an OS X endpoint selects "Acquire" from the Miscellaneous menu, the OS X endpoint should be prevented from sleeping, auto-locking, displaying a screensaver, or otherwise disconnecting while the host is connected and idle.

Can you confirm that OS X machines with installed access clients are entering into a sleep state while a host is connected and has acquired a wake lock?

Also, to facilitate troubleshooting, please provide the following information:

1) What version of ConnectWise Control are you using?

2) Does the host and guest client versions match the server version?

3) On which version or versions of OS X has this behavior occurred?

4) What Energy Saver options are enabled on the OS X machines that present this behavior?



Is there are news concerning waking a mac with screenconnect?