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Input mode changes randomly affecting keystrokes

jlehman@backtobusinessit.com 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 1

Some connections activate hot keys. It sometimes invokes narrator or activates the Windows button so typing an R opens the run prompt. We have to close the session and sometimes restart the ScreenConnect service.

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Good morning,

Thank you for reporting this behavior.

We had previously registered an issue where, if the host presses the Windows or other modifier key while the host client has focus, and then depresses the Windows/modifier key after the host loses focus, the guest machine behaves as if the Windows/modifier key were stuck. This behavior can also occur if the host presses a Windows/modifier key, and then blocks host/guest input via the Miscellaneous menu.

It sounds like the behavior you describe is very similar to what's already been registered, and I will update the existing issue pending a few details.

Would you mind providing the following information:

1) When you say "input mode changes", are you referring to blocking/unblocking host/guest input from the Miscellaneous menu?

2) Once the client enters the stuck state, if the host presses the Windows key again, does this release the Windows key?

3) What version of ScreenConnect are you currently using?

4) Does the version of the host/guest clients match your ScreenConnect server version?