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Matrox Drivers.....still!

dpeters 5 years ago updated by Erik van Putten 3 years ago 3

Gents, the inability to use ScreenConnect on systems with Matrox adapters is getting old. This issue has been out there for several years and only seems to affect your software. Changing the driver is not a reasonable workaround for surveillance servers. Is this issue resolvable or is switching to another RA product the only answer for us?

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Known issue

Good morning,

I have added you comments regarding slow performance on systems with Matrox display drivers to our internal tracking system. While this continues to be a known issue, I have notified our product management team of your concerns.

While I understand uninstalling the Matrox drivers and using basic VGA drivers is not a viable workaround in your case, can you confirm that blanking the guest's monitor improves performance while connected to an endpoint with Matrox drivers?



This is still an issue even today.  This needs to be fixed as the resolution is as stated not acceptable.

This has been a problem with loads of remote control software packages, the drivers of Matrox are just the worst.

If you have to problem on a PC with Windows that's not used to graphically intense there is a solution :

- Go to Display settings advanced, tab troubleshoot and lower the hardware accelleration to at least the middle of the scale. 

Now you will see Screenconnect (Hate the new name)  acting fast and the processor of the PC is also happy again.

Unless we are talking heavy games, I've only seen speed improvements after this change.

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