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Unable to upgrade client running Windows Embedded Standard (6.1.7601)

Larry Skeen 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 4

I upgraded Screenconnect to 6.1.12103.6212, and I tried reinstalling the clients, but none of the machines running Windows Embedded Standard (6.1.7601) POSReady7 will reinstall. They all still show Client Version 5.5.10444.5898.

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Good morning,

Do you observe the same behavior if you upgrade you instance of ScreenConnect to the latest stable, version 6.1.12292, and retry the reinstall?

Does the Event Viewer application log provide any additional information on what may have caused the reinstall to fail?



My mistake, I did upgrade to 6.1.12292.6236.

The Event Log shows:

2/6/2017 8:50:37 AM


Parity Notifier

Notification displayed for target "c:\windows\temp\screenconnect\5.5.10444.5898\screenconnect.clientsetup.exe" and process "c:\program files\screenconnect client (3264ab2be3a1310d)\screenconnect.clientservice.exe".

These systems all have Bit9 running as well.

Please disregard.

I had to approve the file globally on the Bit9 Server.

It is working now.

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