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Updated to 6.1 and having many visual issues

mhighsmith 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 4

updated to 6.1 and still have the same login screen as 6.0. In the Security page links are merged together - example: Show Lookup FormHide Lookup FormShow User TableHide User Table . I beleive these are supposed to be separate. Also the Extension page shows the Extensions on top of each other and not orderly.

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Not a bug

Thank you for the update.

Waiting for information

Good afternoon,

The styling abnormalities described above are likely related to an installed, active extension.

If you have the "More Pages" extension enabled, please disable that extension and recheck page layout.

Also, if you have created a custom theme using the Custom Theme Manager extension, please temporarily revert to a stock theme and recheck page layout.



Thanks Ben, i removed the "More Pages" Extension and several other extensions and still have the same issue.

actually i had a stock theme with one change that for the timeline. i changed to the stock theme and the issue is gone. thanks

Not a bug

Thank you for the update.

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