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The dock icon on Mac is using the 22x22 icon instead of the full resolution version. This looks pretty terrible, particularly on high-dpi displays. You can see the higher-resolution icon if you do a "get info" on the app.

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Good afternoon,

The Mac client only ever uses the "ApplicationIconMac22" client resource for the tray icon image (the image is configurable in the Client Resources table on the Admin page Appearance tab).

Since this is not a bug, and you're requesting that the Mac client use a high-resolution tray icon, I am going to transfer this thread to the feature request forum for additional review.



I don't think you're correct about only the 22px icon ever being used, Ben. It's using the correct icon in other places on high-dpi screens and it also uses the correct, higher-resolution icon in this place on regular-dpi screens. The only place which shows the incorrect icon is in this spot on high-dpi screens.

It looks like ScreenConnect uses the correct icon when you minimize a window. It should use the same icon for the regular app icon. I'm using a custom icon here, but you can see the minizmied window (on the right) is high-rez, while the app icon (left) is very low-rez.

It looks like this also works correctly on regular, non-high-dpi screens. The icon is the correct resolution, not the ultra-low resolution as on high-dpi displays.

Here's an even more clear set of screenshots. I created a new client with very distinct app icons showing which is being used in each case. As soon as I switch from the low-dpi display to the high-dpi display you can see that the icon switches from 256 on the low DPI display to using 32 on the high-dpi display.

Hello. I wanted to follow up on this. It's been about 9 months and this is still an issue. Any idea of when this will be updated?


Good morning,

The fix for this issue should be included in the latest stable release, 6.4.15083.

Please let us know if you run into any additional trouble with the icon.



I just installed 6.4.15083.6507 and downloaded a fresh copy of the client and saw it was still an issue, which is what triggered me to post this. Is there something to do to refresh it after installing the update?

I re-tested this on a 27-Inch iMac with a built-in 5120x2880 Retina display using the 6.4.15083 host client. The iMac is using OS X 10.13.2.

When I launched the client after downloading a fresh bundle, the client used the ApplicationIcon256 client resource to display the icon in the dock:

Can you provide additional information about the environment in which you're seeing the incorrect icon being used on the dock?



Do I need to do something to trigger screenconenct to create a new bundle somehow? I deleted the screenconnect app from my computer, downloaded a fresh copy when trying to connect to a session, and the icon is still the same. I'm on a 2016 MBP with an LG Ultrafine 5k display, MacOS 10.13.1 (17B48).

The bundle is packaged anew every time you download it. I'm wondering if the behavior you're encountering is somehow related to the fact that your setup is using an external 5k monitor, whereas our iMac is using the built-in display only.

I'd be happy to schedule a support session with you in order to troubleshoot this in your environment. Please send an email to extension@screenconnect.com with your availability and contact info so we can schedule a session.



I re-deleted the app, restarted the computer (unintentionally - there was a crash when I disconnected the monitor) and re-downloaded it again, opening it on the internal laptop screen first. Doing this made it show up with the correct icon. I think we're good!

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