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Version 6.1, client error: "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream"

Pablo RMC 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 9


Today I install the new version in our production server (this is a "on-premise" installation).

I stop the services by hand (relay, session manager and web) via the services.msc, then I copy the ScreenConnect (all of it contents) directory to another location.

Right after upgrading from 6.0.11622.6115 (release) to 6.1.12189.6226 (release) all my access machines fail to connect.

I check with a second computer that I use to test & training, and I get the infamous "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream" message on the "customer machine".

In my equipment, in the "Administration->Status page" all the indicators were "Green", so the relay and the server were accesible. But none of the access nor the support sessions can connect to the server.

Also I tried to install an updated client (I generated a new installer and then I copied & installed it onto my test equipment), with same result (and same message)...

After spending 4 hours checking router rules, web.config file, re installing (I roll back the backup copy an repeat the upgrade, in other try I selected "repair" the current installation), re booting, and reading several posts on the forum and reading again the SC on line documents, I get tired of looking for a ghost, so, I get back to the last back up, and everything is working again (access machines come on-line again, one after other, just like that)

So, it works OK in 6.0, but it fails to accept conections on 6.1

The server has their own, dedicated Internet service. We access it via a domain name.
Our machines ("technician") are on another Internet service.
Of course, the customers are on their own internet services on the field...

Ports: 8040 & 8050 (TCP)

In web.config:
"WebServerListenUri" value="http://+:8040/"

"RelayListenUri" value="relay://+:8050/"

Any suggestions to fix this issue are welcome...

Thank you.

Best regards from México.

Pablo R.M.C.

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I experienced this, too, but I think it started shortly after installing the "Additional General Information" extension. Do you have that extension installed?

Thank you for answering.

Unfortunately that's not my case; I'm not using that extension.

Waiting for information

Good morning,

You mentioned "then I copy the ScreenConnect (all of it contents) directory to another location." Are you migrating your ScreenConnect implementation to a new server, or were you simply making a backup of your 6.0 install prior to upgrading to 6.1?

I retested the 6.0 -> 6.1.12189 upgrade path (with the Additional General Information extension installed and active), and all 6.0 guest clients successfully connected after upgrading.

What OS are you using for the ScreenConnect server? Also, is your ScreenConnect server sitting behind a firewall? If so, what sort of firewall?



Thank you for your answer.

Here are the details:

There's no migration, I copy the full directory as a backup, first to another directory on the same HD, and, if everything is ok after upgrade, then I move that local backup to an external disk.

I'm not using the "Additional General Info extension".

Win XP SP 3
4 Gb RAM
80 client access PC's...

Thera re running two process on that equipment ScreenConnect and an in-house software that receives alarm signals from IP connections (the ram used as reported from Task Manager is around 540 Kb).

This PC was working OK since 2015 (5.3.9074.5646 release) and I ran the upgrades from that version as they appear, always using stable release versions. But the last one comes with the mentioned issue.

Best regards.

Waiting for information

Thank you for providing the additional information.

I tested the 6.0.11622 --> 6.1.12189 upgrade path on a Windows XP SP3 machine (with .NET 4.0 installed). Post-upgrade, the 6.0.11622 access clients connected back without issue. I was able to update the 6.0 clients to 6.1 by submitting a reinstall command from the Host page.

Since we are waiting for an updated release of 6.1 pending resolution of the issue documented here, I suggest holding off on upgrading to 6.1 for the moment.

If the issue persists after 6.1 is re-released, please update this thread. We'll likely want to schedule a support session to your environment to conduct more in-depth troubleshooting.



Thank you for your attentions.

Ok, I'll be looking forward for the incoming update.

Kind regards.


Yesterday I upgrade to the new version (6.1.12292.6236 stable)

Until now, everything is working ok. The access machines are on-line and accesible.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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