No banner after re-join session in 6.1.12189.6226

Jesse Brinson 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 5

Banner disappears if re-joining a session in newest stable version, 6.1.12189.6226.

I have JoinPanel.MeetingPromptVisible enabled. It seems to happen when I join the machine, and the user has to click the acknowledge button to allow the session, I disconnect then reconnect, the user no longer has to acknowledge anything (TicketReissueIntervalSeconds is set for 600) and the banner does not appear.

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Good morning,

Thank you for reporting this. The UnderControlBanner behavior you describe is related to a fix we made to prevent the UnderControlBanner from reappearing during the same session connection after being hidden.

The issue is currently pending review by the development/product management teams while we delimit intended behavior of the UnderControlBanner element.

I will update this thread when more information becomes available.



i have the same problem with access sessions on stable 6.1.12292. When connecting the first time to the session, the undercontrol banner is visible, but afterwards it is not visible.

Having this issue on 6.1.12292.6236

Still waiting for a resolution...


Good morning,

This issue has been resolved in the stable release of 6.2.



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