bug uac dialog not show for client windows 6.1.12189.6226

Lorenzo Battaglia 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 9

bug when i open exe with option (run as administrator) not shw uac dialog. Please fix

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Good afternoon,

This behavior is likely related to the known issue regarding blank screens on Windows 8 and above described here: https://help.screenconnect.com/Technical_support_bulletins#Blank_screen_when_connecting_to_machines_running_Windows_8_or_greater

As a temporary workaround, can you try blanking/unblanking the guest's monitor after running an exe as administrator -- this should make the UAC dialog visible.



This is causing me real problems, please release a fix ASAP. The workaround does work but really slows the process down.

This is not confined to Win8 and later - had same problem trying to support a Vista client. The workaround blanking/unblanking doesn't always work.

Seriously, this "Bug" shouldn't have reoccurred in your code and for it to feature AGAIN in a stable release is unforgivable.

I agree, the re appearance of this bug when it's a known issue is VERY poor. I've always had confidence in the ScreenConnect product and been happy to be an early adopter should I be more careful with ConnectWise CONTROL ??

Any news on this? It's really annoying, and my customers start to complain...

Check out v6.1.12292.6236 - works for me. They say it's stable . . .

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