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Version 5.6 of the iOS app not working with NGINX reverse proxy

JBonzo 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 3

This morning, my iOS devices updated to the latest version of the ScreenConnect app (v5.6). Since the update, I can no longer use the app to access my ScreenConnect install. I have ScreenConnect installed on a Linux system with an NGINX reverse proxy (to handle TLS connections). The iOS ScreenConnect app seems to be detecting the NGINX version (v1.6.2) instead of the ScreenConnect version (v6.0) and gives me the error "incompatible server version". Everything was working until this latest update.

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Good afternoon,

Thank you for reporting this behavior. I have so far been unable to reproduce this behavior against a test server running ScreenConnect 6.0.11622 behind nginx (v1.9.15). I was able to successfully log in and join sessions via the latest iOS app (v5.6).

I'm wondering if setting server_tokens to off in nginx.conf (thereby removing the nginx version info from the server response header) would resolve the issue.



Good catch!

I set the server_tokens parameter to off and now the app is working.

Thank a million!

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