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Mac's can't download the client file from server on 6.1.12103.6212

Brent Pirolli 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

I'm still not sure what is causing this... but since upgrading to the latest beta 6.1.12103.6212 I'm finding that macs can't download the client (to allow that mac to connect to other systems) from our server. We are running Windows server 2008r2 and have found it doesn't matter what browser we use, on multiple macs, including one with a fresh install of OS 10.12.2... Going to the URL for the client in our environment:


The file will start to download and shows 652KB of 17MB downloaded, and then the time just grows and no more data is transferred. It downloads FINE from PCs (that exact file, not the windows client).

I've also disabled the AV on the server to see if it was the problem... nope.

What would cause this? Can you replicate on your end?

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

I have confirmed all 3 different macs here are all running 10.12.2... so I'm not sure if that matters yet. I deleted the file on the server and repair-installed the ScreenConnect software on the server to recreate the zip file. Same results. Those macs that had the client downloaded prior still can use it to connect and all, but I can't get any new macs to download the file. I've checked permission on the server and nothing is different about that file vs others in the folder. Other files in the folder ARE downloadable by the mac clients. What the heck???

Good morning,

I was unable to replicate this behavior in the following test environment:

Server: Windows 2008r2 on ScreenConnect 6.1.12103

Host: OSX 10.12.2 using Chrome and Safari browsers

Guest: Windows 10

I was able to download ScreenConnect.Client.zip in its entirety and join a session from the OSX 10.12.2 host machine without issue.

If you open development tools in Chrome (option+command+I), does the Console or Network tabs include any additional information when you attempt to download the Mac client bundle?

If this continues to be an issue, please open up a support ticket with us so that we can connect to your machine and conduct additional troubleshooting.



Oddly enough, one of our users was able to download the file off-site from home, but not on the local LAN where the server resides. Seeing as how we haven't ever had this problem before, I'm still not sure the culprit. I will investigate further and see if I can narrow anything down.

Not a bug

I conducted additional testing with our internal build of 6.1, and haven't been able to reproduce the issue on a couple different versions of OS X, including 10.12.2 (these endpoints reside on our local domain). Since offsite users can download the Mac client without issue, there is evidence to suggest that the behavior you describe results from an environmental anomaly not directly related to the functioning of ScreenConnect.

I am going to mark this thread as "Not a bug" since we can't reproduce the issue internally, but please provide an update if you uncover anything else. Conducting a network capture on one of your internal OS X endpoints with Wireshark while attempting to download the Client.zip would likely reveal why the download is failing.

Also feel free to open a ticket with support in order for one of our techs to take a closer look at your implementation of ScreenConnect.



Updating to the latest version 6.1.12292 has resolved this issue. The Output Stream lists this change as:

  • Non-windows installers fail to build in 6.1 if app.config is missing either SystemSettings or UserInterfaceSettings sections under configSections

So I guess that was the problem!

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