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Guest page - Join with a code - Arrow not enabled - cannot join

Rick 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 3

Recently discovered that the Arrow used to join a guest session is not working. Cannot click the arrow, or hit enter. Unable to join. Version 5.1.8473.5522 Hosted on Debain Linux has been working fine since installation in 2015. Rebooted the server, no change.

Nothing has changed on the server.

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Good morning,

Can you confirm the session join mode is set to "Simple Code: Guest enters the session name"? Also, does this behavior reproduce in all browsers (IE/FF/Chrome), or is it limited to a particular browser? Does the browser console contain any debugging information (hit F12 on the guest page to view the browser console)?

Is there any chance you can upgrade your server to the latest stable release, version 6.0.11622?



Thank you!. My fault - i created the sessions as "invitation only" - using "Simple Code" works fine - that was the issue. Sorry!!

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