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No log out when restoring firefox browsing session

Tadamy 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 3

I have 2 factor authentication setup with my login. Ive been having computer problems lately that lead to firefox closing unexpectedly. Most of the time, its the computer being put to sleep, then losing power, and having to start windows up again. Ive notice that when i reopen firefox it tells me "The last browsing session closed unexpectedly, would you like to reopen the pages from your previous session, and if i hit yes, and i had screenconnect open, I am still logged in and have full access to everything, even if i wait a day after I put the computer to sleep. I have a time out set for 30 minutes. I should have to log back in. That's a security flaw. Please look into this.

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Firefox version 50.1.0

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Please provide the following information about your setup:

1) Version of ScreenConnect

2) Assuming you're using an on-prem installation of ScreenConnect, what values have you set for the MaxLongestTicketReissueIntervalSeconds keys in web.config; depending on your version of ScreenConnect, there will be a MaxLongestTicketReissueIntervalSeconds key associated with the following locations: Services/PageService.ashx, Services, Host.aspx, Administration.aspx, and Services/MailService.ashx

In my preliminary testing, I set all MaxLongestTicketReissueIntervalSeconds values to 900 (15 minutes). After 15 minutes of inactivity, both Firefox 50.1.0 and Chrome 55.0.2883 automatically logged out of ScreenConnect. When I signed in, I was prompted to enter a one-time password to authenticate.



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