Remote control shows a black screen, instead of the users screen

Erik van Putten 5 years ago updated by Steve Smith 1 year ago 26

Hi since the new client 6.1 I have a system that shows a black screen when being taken over.

The system worked fine with client version 6.0

I've reinstalled version 6.0 no problem.

Reinstalling version 6.1 and the black screen is back.

The client can see my mouse moving when I move it (i can't)

The PC is an Intel Probook G1 laptop with an Intel graphics card and Nvidia as well.

OS Windows 10

Intel HD driver

Kind regards,


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Good morning Erik,

Thank you for reporting this. If you temporarily disable either the Intel or Nvidia display adapter, does the 6.1 client continue to show a black screen upon connect?

Which build of Windows 10 is installed on the endpoint?

If you'd like, please email extension@screenconnect.com to arrange a support session to the afflicted machine in order for us to conduct additional troubleshooting.



Hi Ben,

I have a machine (laptop) with these graphic cards :

  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • AMD Radeon HD 7650M

The client version is 6.1.12292.6236

When trying to connect, the remote support client gives a black screen. Only mouse gestures are passed true to the remote computer.

Blanking out the screen doesn't solve the issue.

Disabling the AMD Radeon HD 7650M device allowed me to see the remote computer.

If you would like, we can setup a remote support session.
That way you can debug as much as you want.

Have a great day!


Good morning Bjorn,

Thank you for updating this thread. What operating system is installed on the laptop in question? Does the laptop have an external monitor attached to it?



Hi Ben, it's the latest version of Windows 10 version 1607

Version reported by Screen connect : 10.0.14393

I need to get the customers permission before I can try disabling the graphics cards.




I was able to reproduce the black screen issue reliably after installing the 6.1 client on my dual-gpu (Intel/Nvidia) Windows 10 laptop (I can connect to the dual-gpu laptop without issue using a 6.0 client). I have updated our internal bug tracker with the details and have moved the issue to development for review.

I was able to view and interact with the guest endpoint via the 6.1 client after I disabled one of the display adapters on my dual-gpu laptop.



Ben, great that you can reproduce.

Cheers, Erik.

Hi Erik,

Just to add to this, we have this problem on 6.0 Mac clients. Not every time, just periodically. Usually it's after a reboot or software update.

Nothing major but wanted to make you aware.



How is this fixed Ben?

This is not fixed on Win10 running SC ver. 6.5.16479.6613

I agree with Jonathan, I still get the black screen. I am trying to connect to a win 10 running in Paralles on a Mac.

This is not fixed. I am running to a problem a CAD machine with 2 GPU.

AMD Radeon HD 8790M (Drivers up to date)

Intel HD graphics 4600 (Drivers up to date)

sc client ver. 6.5.16479.6613

Windows 8.1 Pro (6.3.9600)

Disabling ADM Radeon seems to temporarily fix the problem, but messes with the customers monitor layout and returns on reboot.

Same issue here with 3 different PCs running AMD graphics.

AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics

Still happens. Multiple different NVidia graphics cards. In some instances it's not possible to change the graphics as the system is running NVidia Mosaic in a multi-screen setup.

We have this issue also, different versions of client SC, different OS, Win7 x32, x64 and Win10 (various updates), different hardware.  The issue is not widespread enough for us to find commonality.

Happens from time to time, not constant, not consistent.  The usual fix has been to simply connect and reboot the remote computer into normal mode, works most of the time, but is not a desired solution.

I have the same issue. Could you kindly explain what you mean by normal mode?

Regularly get black screen. I think it is mostly on clients with 2 graphics hardware, especially like laptops that can auto-switch to low-power gpu when on battery, and hi-power gpu when plugged into power .  At least on Macos, the 6.1 client seems to "Require High Performance Graphics" **even** when on battery.  That according to Utilities -> Activity Monitor -> Energy.  Using gpu eats battery on laptops. For folks wanting to save battery life, they can stop google-chrome from using gpu very easily under Settings, Turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available". Is there a way to do so for sc client? Like is there a command-line argument to start sc client in such a way as to disable use of gpu? (I could not find any info at all). I have a feeling the black screens are related to this issue.

Having this issue also:

AMD Radeon R7 Graphics (Drivers up to date) Driver Version 22.19.678.1

sc client ver. 20.2.27450.7387

Windows 10 Pro (v1909 build 18363.720)

Has this issue been resolved. Running into this issue with multiple users running Windows 10 v1909. All with different graphics cards.

This issue has come and gone depending on the version and video card etc. As Dave Henderson mentioned a year ago usually a reconnect and reboot allows it to work- in my experience. However this is not a preferred method.

Reboots do not seem to work. I've been having to blank the user's screen what i need to do and then unblank screen. The problem with this is I'm unable to see what the user is experiencing in real time. So it's frustrating on both ends.

having same issues, please fix this soon as nothing i do helps. 

have you found a solution ? 

Same issue -HP laptop with single video adapter. Connects with no problem, but cannot see remote screen. Lowering video quality does not help. Blanking Remote Monitor does not help. Only one machine out of 300 (so far as I know) but this is a client that needs frequent help.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of the software, to no avail. Upgraded from Windows 10 V.1903 to Version 2004, still no video. Intel video card, tried downgrading to Windows plain-vanilla video drivers. Still blank screen.

Additional Details: Since uninstall/reinstall of client software, the "info" and "preview" are blank for this PC. I can remotely reboot the client, so I know that there is actual communication, but I cannot see the screen at all.

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