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CentOS 7 - Login Display Issues

RobHurley 5 years ago updated by RYC KLC 1 year ago 6


I'm getting a bit of a weird issue which only occurs when trying to login via screenconnect.

We are using the Cloud hosted version. the client version is 6.0.11622.6115 and our Cloud version is 6.0.11622.6115

When we attempt to login to the box via gui on screenconnect we are met with no ability to interact with the box itself. A quick video is attached.


If we ssh into the box and ‘startx’ the display will begin working correctly until it is rebooted.

Currently the workaround is to configure autologin from boot which works well and allows us

access to everything. However it’s not ideal as these are deployed to customer sites.

The weird thing being is that this issue is not present if you access the display via HDMI.

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Server Affected:
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Guest Client Affected:

Good morning,

Thank you for reporting this behavior -- I've so far been unable to reproduce this by connecting to a ScreenConnect 6.0.11622 client on a CentOS 7.3 VM with Java 7u121 installed.

Would you mind providing a few more details to facilitate troubleshooting:

1) Does this issue affect a single endpoint or do multiple endpoints exhibit the same behavior?

2) What is the full version of CentOS installed on the endpoint (7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc.)?

3) What version of Java is installed on the endpoint?

Also, please post the output generated by running the following command on the afflicted endpoint (substitute in your server's public thumbprint for the x's):

tail -200 /var/log/screenconnect-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Good afternoon,

I was able to reproduce this issue after installing the KDE Plasma Workspace DE on CentOS 7.3 and logging in using either the 6.0 or 6.1 client. I have registered an issue with development, and it is currently under investigation.

As a workaround, I was able to successfully log in to the CentOS endpoint via the ScreenConnect client using the GNOME DE.



Cool, cheers for investigating Ben

I am experiencing the same issue, did this get fixed?

hello, has this been resolved?

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