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ChromeOS App - letter "o" on keyboard will not echo to remote location

Randy Clements 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

I cannot get logged in -- the letter "o" is in my password on the remote device, and I cannot type the letter o. Key is working fine everywhere else, just not through Screenconnect app. Is this app still going to be supported/developed?

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Good afternoon,

I've so far been unable to reproduce this behavior by connecting to a guest using version 5.5.9981 of the Chrome app and the latest stable version of ScreenConnect.

What version of ScreenConnect are you using (the latest stable is 6.0.11622)?

What operating system is installed on the remote device?

Not entirely sure what version of Screenconnect -- (executech.screenconnect.com) is the host.

Chromebook is running whatever version app is current in Chrome App store. Remote device in "Access" section is running Client Version (6.0.11622.6115). OS of Remote Device is Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 -- have issues with either.

PS we have 1998 objects (machines) and draw/render speed is VERY slow on ChromeOS. Much slower than on a Windows equivalent hardware. IS this due to high number of objects?

Just did another test. It seems it might be seeing Windows Key + O. When I press the P key on the keyboard, I get a "Projector notification" that pops in on the side of the remote Windows display. Windows Key + P enables "Projector Mode".

So the P key also isn't working -- it's sending Windows + P for sure when I press P.