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ConnectWise Control: ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe Memory usage

Christian.Walch 2 months ago updated by Benjamin Wilson 1 month ago 6

The usage from the ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe is increasing as long as you are connected to a device.

And its memory usage is increasing very fast - this could cause device with a small amount of memory to crash its application.

Currently the only way to work this around is to reconnect to such machines.

It should be fixed within the Service to release it´s memory usage within a dedicated timeframe.

Either as setting or within the Service hardcoded.

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Hi Christian,

Kindly, tell us the Control version you are on and the device info you are having issues with. Also, provide the support ticket number, if any.

Hi Rishikesh,

our current version is: 21.8.3558.7823, Service Ticket#14890165

br Christian

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Hi Christian,

Can you please try upgrading your Control instance on the latest stable version 21.9 and see if it still occurs. Also, is it specific to one device or having same issue on the other device too?

Hi Rishikesh,

I´ve updated my instance to the latest stable version - behavior is still the same.

I´ve seen this on different devices and different OS´es.


    Same here. Control Version: 21.10.4238.7885

    Client Verison: 21.10.4238.7885

    Low Memory devices steadily get slower due to continual RAM usage increase allocated to ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe. Even disconnecting from the device will reset it to 18MB, but after about 15 seconds it will reinflate to close to the RAM usage you had before you disconnected.