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Connection keeps dropping on v21.6

Simon 3 weeks ago updated by Karama 2 weeks ago 3

While remoting in to access devices, the guest connection keeps dropping — for a second or two — then reconnecting. 

I've noticed this on previous versions but it's gotten worse on v21.6.

The host connection seems to be stable, so it's the communication between the agent and the cloud instance/server that's unstable.

See the image below.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:


We also started seeing this issue on connectwise. Any solution you got from connectwise related to the issue which you have mentioned?

Thanks !

Hi Rohit,

We are sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Please reach out to our Support team for further investigation on the issue:


I have the problem as well.