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21.5 Missing New "CreateHostPass" Permission

ITP 5 days ago updated 5 days ago 2

Per this email, a new CreateHostPass permission was supposed to be added in 21.5:

Based on popular demand, we’ve added a new CreateHostPass permission in the upcoming ConnectWise Control 2021.5 stable release. Please note that to enable this feature when 2021.5 is released, you will need to add the CreateHostPass permission to your desired roles.

To add the permission:

  1. Navigate to the Administration > Security page.
  2. In the Roles section, pick a role and click Edit.
  3. In the left-hand column, select a session group that will have the new permission applied to it.
  4. Click the CreateHostPass checkbox in the right-hand column.
  5. Click Save Role.

However, it's not there (at lease in the self hosted version).

Any idea when this will actually make it in?

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Interesting, figured they'd keep it there after they sent out the whole email, guess we shouldn't set the bar too high here... :)

Thanks a lot!