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Waiting for consent with Mac endpoint (Support)

Hawaii 3 weeks ago updated by DevinL 1 week ago 3


For a week or two, the "waiting for consent" message's does not want to disappear even if the customer consents when I remote a Mac.

I know you are working on this issue under SCP-36984 and open this thread to be able to follow the resolution of this bug which affects dramatically our support sessions as we areHEF.xVIJEIlX3Z0d unable to remote any Mac with the support feature.

Thanks for your follow-up.


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Hi Hawaii,

Please tell us what Control version you are on?

Hi, 21.4.2767.7752


This has been affecting us as well. It doesn't affect all connections, but more than enough to have made the tool unusable by our help desk for the last week or so. We have seen the issue with both Control 21.4.2455.7731 and 21.4.2767.7752. Any updates would be appreciated.